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About Us

Business Plan - 2016/2017

Society of Local Government Managers of Alberta
Certified Local Government Manager (CLGM)
2016/2017 Business Plan

The Society’s Board remains committed to Society’s vision, mission statement, core values and goals.

business plan setting:

Various issues and challenges confront the Society and have determined the direction the business plan will take:

  1. how to improve our services.
  2. how to increase our membership numbers.
  3. how to work with other organizations who have similar objectives.
  4. how to create educational opportunities


Professional management delivering quality local government services and/or programs.


To serve the public and ensure that educational opportunities are provided to improve the management abilities of those involved in local government administration.

core values/business:

  1. Committed Members Practicing Quality Professional Management
  2. Develop Partnerships
  3. Effective Leadership
  4. Education / Continuing Education
  5. Ethical Practices

major goals:

To: 1. Provide/promote professional development
2. Promote and Enhance local government management
3. Provide services/benefits
4. Foster relationships with other entities.