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Certified Local Government Managers

The Certified Local Government Managers (CLGM) designation signifies a public manager who has already received a high level of academic and professional achievement and has a commitment to ongoing education. As well, the CLGM designation recognizes a manager, of good character and reputation, who practices the standards governed by the Society.

Certification Requirements - The CLGM designation is awarded to applicants who:

  • hold certificates in the U of A's Local Government Program and the National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration Level II - or the equivalent as approved by the Examination Board in Local Government Management. Click here for list of NACLAA courses accepted for designation
  • have at least five years experience in local government management in Canada
  • believe in and practice the Society's Code of Ethics, and
  • are members of the Society of Local Government Managers.

Commitment to and from the Members:

Members serve on standing committees, and one permanent staff member supports the operation. Meetings, workshops, scholarships, employment counseling and achievement awards, all designed to enhance professional and personal development, are provided on a regular basis. As well, the Society's newsletter, the Alberta Clarion, informs and challenges members on issues concerning local government managers.

Local Government Managers Regulation is available from the Queen's Printer Bookstore

New Member Support

CLGM will include in professional development programs, the opportunity for new members to attend sessions that will provide the contextual framework in which they work and will provide them with tools and ideas to help them identify areas of challenge early. It will also provide them with concrete ideas for addressing these issues. Aim would be to include at least one session like this every second year.

CLGM will identify print resources that could provide new members with similar information.

Definition of Practice for Certified Local Government Managers
(core knowledge and core skills)

This definition is set out to formally recognize the knowledge and skills that are essential to the profession of Certified Local Government Managers. It assists in developing instructional material for basic knowledge and ongoing professional development. It assists those that are considering joining the profession to gain a better understanding of the knowledge and skill sets necessary to be successful in the profession.

Click here for the complete document (Adobe Acrobat format).