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Certified Local Government Managers

The Certified Local Government Managers (CLGM) designation signifies a public manager who has already received a high level of academic and professional achievement and has a commitment to ongoing education. As well, the CLGM designation recognizes a manager, of good character and reputation, who practices the standards governed by the Society.

Certification Requirements - The CLGM designation is awarded to applicants who:

  • hold certificates in the U of A's Local Government Program and the National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration Level II - or the equivalent as approved by the Examination Board in Local Government Management. Click here for list of NACLAA courses accepted for designation
  • have at least five years experience in local government management in Canada
  • believe in and practice the Society's Code of Ethics, and
  • are members of the Society of Local Government Managers.

Commitment to and from the Members:

Members serve on standing committees, and one permanent staff member supports the operation. Meetings, workshops, scholarships, employment counseling and achievement awards, all designed to enhance professional and personal development, are provided on a regular basis. As well, the Society's newsletter, the Alberta Clarion, informs and challenges members on issues concerning local government managers.

Local Government Managers Regulation is available from the Queen's Printer Bookstore

New Member Support

CLGM will include in professional development programs, the opportunity for new members to attend sessions that will provide the contextual framework in which they work and will provide them with tools and ideas to help them identify areas of challenge early. It will also provide them with concrete ideas for addressing these issues. Aim would be to include at least one session like this every second year.

CLGM will identify print resources that could provide new members with similar information.

Definition of Practice for Certified Local Government Managers
(core knowledge and core skills)

This definition is set out to formally recognize the knowledge and skills that are essential to the profession of Certified Local Government Managers. It assists in developing instructional material for basic knowledge and ongoing professional development. It assists those that are considering joining the profession to gain a better understanding of the knowledge and skill sets necessary to be successful in the profession.

Click here for the complete document (Adobe Acrobat format).


26 January 2018
To Whom it may Concern;

Having recently retired from the position of County Commissioner for Lacombe County I have had some time to reflect on my career and in particular the significate milestones that allowed me to have a successful career of more than 40 years.

Early in my career I recognized that professional development and network building were critical elements to advance in my chosen field of local government. The Society of Local Government Managers played a significant role in meeting my professional development needs and I would like to thank the founders of the Society of Local Government Managers for their vision in establishing professional designation of Certified Local Government Manager (CLGM). The educational requirements for the CLGM designation were well thought out and I found the core competencies to be challenging and useful in my day to day duties as a senior local government manager.

Equally important to me was the opportunity that the SLGM Annual Mountain Refresher Workshop provided for me to cultivate and develop a network of like minded municipal administrators that were in similar positions in their career. The friendships that were established as we worked through the requisites courses for our CLGM designation have stood the test of time and provided the basis for the creation of my personal network of senior municipal administrators. This network proved to be a valuable resource that was accessed throughout my work life.

Beyond the education requirements for the CLGM designation I found the annual Mountain Refreshers Workshops sponsored by the Society of Local Government Managers addressed many of the trending issues faced by CAO's and provided a venue to discuss the successes and challenges of local government management on both a formal and informal basis.

Receiving my CLGM designation was a highlight of my career. My membership in the Society of Local Government Managers and my participation on both the board and committees of the Society has been very rewarding on a professional and personal basis. I would highly recommend that anyone who is interested in a career in local government to obtain their CLGM designation and actively participate in opportunities offered by the Society.

Terry Hager, CLGM
Retired County Commissioner
Lacombe County

30 June, 2017
To Whom It May Concern;

I am pleased to have been asked to provide a short testimonial about what the Society of Local Government Managers (SLGM) has meant to me during my almost 40-year tenure in Municipal Government. As I approach retirement this year and reflect on what it has meant to be in the public service, I give much of the credit to the professional leadership offered by this organization. But more than the life long learnings afforded, the Society has also encouraged the development of enduring relationships. The support one gets from colleagues through the Society has provided mentoring opportunities that have been invaluable. My Professional Certification as a Certified Local Government Manager (CLGM) obtained through the educational programs offered by the Society has contributed in a large part to my career development as a Chief Administrative Officer. I cannot understate how important the Society of Local Government Managers has been and would recommend anyone considering a management career as a civil servant consider membership in the SLGM a priority.

Julian deCocq, CLGM
Chief Administrative Officer
Town of Cochrane

To Whom It May Concern;

The Society of Local Government Managers (SLGM) represents a platform on which I've built a successful career as a municipal administrator, and one which offers tremendous value to others seeking success. 

My membership in the Society began over 15 years ago when I transitioned from an intern position to assume the role of chief administrator for a small municipality.  Being only 22 years of age at the time and new to the industry, I required the support of experienced leaders and access to quality professional development.  The SLGM provided both - a wealth of quality administrators to act as mentors and advisors, and access to an education program that led to CLGM professional certification.  The SLGM also offered financial support to accelerate my academic development. 

Alberta's next generation of municipal administrators require the knowledge, skills, and ability to succeed and lead their communities into the future.  My experience proves that these future leaders should consider membership in the SLGM a priority.  

Travis L. Peter, MPA, CLGM, ITIL
Manager, Smart City and Innovation
City of St. Albert  

To Whom it may Concern;

Obtaining the CLGM designation means a great deal to me. The NACLAA program has been very beneficial in my development and I have also found my fellow CAOs a willing resource when needed. The Society is a great organization which has been instrumental in developing CAOs and giving them the ability to provide good guidance to their councils and staff members. I am very proud to be a part of it.

I know that small communities such as ours struggle to attract qualified personnel and the NACLAA and CLGM programs are definitely an asset. In a perfect world there would be a sufficient number of qualified administrators to go around but that may be a long time off, especially in the current environment. Many current CAOs are nearing retirement and the challenge may be in attracting the youth. I believe the Internship Program provides a great start in solving this shortfall.

It will be very special to receive my professional designation and certificate at the same ceremony as my daughter, after all it was she and the retiring CAO who convinced me to apply for the CAO position and begin the NACLAA training as well. The position is often challenging, but even more often I feel like I am making a difference.

Carl Peterson, CLGM
Town of Trochu